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Jealousy or Something Like It
Sometimes I look at you and think
That my soul just might start to sink.
Sometimes I look at you and say,
“You are so bright but I’m so gray.”
I wish I looked as nice as you,
And people cared for what I drew.
I wish that I could be so smart,
But maybe it’s not in my heart.
Well, maybe I could sing a song,
But all the notes would come out wrong.
You could sing ten times as well,
And all the people say your swell.
I wish that they cared how I felt.
Then all the suffering would melt.
I am not smiling all the time.
Some days it feels like that’s a crime.
Why must I be stuck this way?
The hopeless dreams come every day.
I really know it’s not your fault,
But my world has come to a halt.
Jealousy or something like it
Hurts me more than I’ll admit.
Oh why, my friend, can you not see?
I love you more than I love me.
:iconnilmrots:Nilmrots 1 2
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The Pedestrian
A man in the street
Where does he go to?
He’s walking alone
With nothing to do
Cheerful he does step
Along the sidewalk
Moving so slowly
He’s got time to talk
Of grass and roses
And great mighty oaks
That go unnoticed
By the other folks
Down by the storefronts
And up in the wood
The man wants to roam
Not be understood
They say that he’s slow
He says they’re too fast
Always on the go
Will memories last?
Beyond the slow rush
Of pavement and cars
Lone pedestrian
Who sees all the stars
:iconnilmrots:Nilmrots 0 2
Autumn Sun by Nilmrots Autumn Sun :iconnilmrots:Nilmrots 0 1 Small Room by Nilmrots Small Room :iconnilmrots:Nilmrots 3 1 Upset by Nilmrots Upset :iconnilmrots:Nilmrots 0 0 Shattered by Nilmrots
Mature content
Shattered :iconnilmrots:Nilmrots 0 0
Closing in on my destination
A journey full of imagination
Hiking, climbing all of the way
Worth it to stay here for a day
A mountaintop with crystal air
Wind running through my ragged hair
A forest full of lush, green life
That never has seen any strife
A racing river darts right through
Tinted just the perfect blue
All is quiet, tranquil here
With not a soul anywhere near
Rocky peaks for climbing, sliding
Right in half, the sky dividing
The sun falls to the horizon line
In the bright light, the whole world shines
I look around and all I see
Is a perfect world, won’t you agree?
Every time I’m near, I smile
I stop and stay here for a while
:iconnilmrots:Nilmrots 0 0
The Unknown
A man hidden
A face obscured
A mystery unsolved
Ever closer it stalks through the shadows
No need to run
You can’t escape
It’s everywhere now
It’s coming for you in the night
You feel uneasy
It comes from within
Why is it here?
You’ve done nothing to deserve this torment
Will you hide far away?
Will you cry out for help?
Will you keep on running?
WSho do you see beneath the masks and tricks?
A friend in disguise?
A crazed killer?
A being yet unknown?
Only time will show what is hidden
Days go by
One at a time
It’s still coming
Sometimes you can feel it over your shoulder
You become desperate
Clinging to every last hope
Losing yourself in the confusion
You give in to the dark, creeping, whispering unknown
The darkness descends upon you
Surrounding you as you begin to fade
It’s far too late for you and your world
You cannot escape fate
:iconnilmrots:Nilmrots 0 0
Brick Building Perspectives by Nilmrots Brick Building Perspectives :iconnilmrots:Nilmrots 0 0


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I will be going to camp this weekend.

I will not be back for 3 weeks.

When I do get back, I will write the narrative described in my previous journal,

and finish my part of Vanmall's Pixel Art Town project.

See you all then.


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